COMPOL 100 class of 2017

Washington COMPOL 100


Honor to whom honor is due!

The Editorial Board of Washington COMPOL magazine is proud to present to the world an elite group of professionals who have achieved an unforgettable legacy and meritorious accolade.
Our selection included innovative leaders whose successes were achieved despite having insurmountable challenges. We may not share in their accomplishments, but we can recognize that they left a mark.
The list includes famous professionals and some that may be unknown, as well as those who are already well established or are new; and here we recognize those we consider this year to be the COMPOL 100.
They will receive a special recognition on August 31 at the 2017 Napolitan Victory Awards 2017 in Washington, DC.
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NOMBRE Title, Profession or Memorable Achievement
Adalberto Llinas Congressman (Colombia) considered one with the greatest Credibility in regional policy
Adrian Sáenz Adrian Saenz – National Latino Vote Director, Obama 2012 and White House Senior Advisor
Andrés Fernández Sánchez Founding leader of the movement “Jóvenes por el Sí”, this movement was created to support the peace agreements reached by Colombia with the FARC and became a platform that brought together all the young people of the country.
Antoni Gutiérrez-Rubí Director of Ideograma. Communication and political consultant.
Antonio Roldán Founding Partner of Roldán Carreón & Asociados
Armando Briquet Venezuelan political consultant specializing in strategy and campaign management. He was the Campaign Manager in Venezuela 2012 (Henrique Capriles vs Hugo Chávez) and Strategy Leader in 2013 (Henrique Capriles vs Nicolas Maduro).
Aron Shaviv President of Shaviv Strategy and Campaigns. He has advised and consulted some of the leading political leaders in the United States, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa.
Augusto Reyes President of Poder & Poder
Beth Hansen Republican Political Consultant. Campaign Manager John Kasich 2016
Bob Cornelius Founder of 90 Degrees Agency
Brad Parscale Digital, Social & Media Advisor for the Donald J. Trump Presidential Campaign & America First Policies.
Carlos Manhanelli President of ABCOP Brazilian Association of Political Consultants
Carlos Lorenzana President of “Gerencia Electoral” and creator of consulting methodologies such as “Double Agenda” and “political semiotics”.
Carlos Suárez CEO and founder of  Estrategia&Poder
Carlos Souto CEO South Communications. Notable political publicist.
During his career he won several presidential elections, for governor, mayors and legislative elections in different countries
Carlos René Paredes Peña One of the first consultants who participated in campaigns with the recent independent candidates in Mexico.
Carmen Beatriz Fernández Founder of “Data Estrategia”, Venezuela’s pioneer of cyberpolitics
Cesar Martinez-Gomariz Founder MAS Consulting Group. Veteran of the last 5 presidential elections in the USA.
Chris Wilson Former Director of Research, Analytics & Digital Strategy – Ted Cruz for President
Chuck Rocha Strategist MSNBC/CNN/FOX. President of Solidarity Strategies. Bernie 2016 advisor.
Colin Rogero Partner and Creative Director of 76 Words.
Daniel Ureña Partner & Managing Director of MAS Consulting Group, director of The Hispanic Council, and president of the Political Communication Association (ACOP)
Daniel Eskibel Founder and director of Maquiavelo & Freud
Daniel Ivoskus President of the Cumbre Mundial de Comunicación Política
Daniela Aruj Image Consultant, Argentina
Danny Diaz Jeb Bush’s Campaign Manager
David Hamrick Campaign Manager for Martin O’Malley
Diego Basante Facebook’s Latin American Policy and Government Manager
Dr Henni Boudjelthia CEO, Political Advisory Bureau Africa (PABA Pty Ltd)
Ed Brookover Strategist for Donald Trump and Campaign Manager for Ben Carson
Ed Goeas President and C.E.O. of The Tarrance Group
Edurne Ochoa Consultant in Image & Strategic Communication. Creator of the GDIS method
Erika Andiola Press secretary for the Latino extension for the campaign of Bernie Sanders and outstanding activist for the rights of immigrants.
Erin Muffoletto President of Muffoletto Government Relations
Evgeny Minchenko President of MINCHENKO CONSULTING Communication Group, One of the leading political analysts in Russia. He managed more than 200 successful political campaigns in Russia and abroad.
Gerry Gunster CEO of Goddard Gunster. Strategist of Brexit
Gil Castillo Political Consultant, Chairwoman of Alacop – Latin American Association of Political Consultants
Giselle Perezblaz CEO of Auguro Comunicación
Gulfem Saydan Sanver President of Turkey’s “Element Strateji Yon”
Ignacio Martín Granados Political scientist. Now consultant in political communication, Public Affairs, teacher and board member of ACOP
Israel Navarro Political strategist. Partner of the “Instituto de Artes y Oficios en Comunicación Estratégica”. Empowering individuals who know what they want power for. Jazzist apprentice.
Ivan Pestaña Ruiz President of Spamex programs
Jakob Ohlsson Founder of Reform Act of Scandinavia
Jamer Chica  Political Strategist, Manager and Campaign Advisor to the Presidency of Colombia, Senate of the Republic, House of Representatives, Assemblies, Governorships and Mayors both in Colombia and abroad.
Jason Johnson President of J2 Strategies, Senator Ted Cruz’s campaign strategist
Javier Sánchez Galicia Political Consultant. Director of “Grupo Kratos” President of “ICP Iberoamérica” Coordinator of “Treinta Claves y Evangelizador de la Comunicación Política”
Jeff Weaver President of Our Revolution, Manager of Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign.
Jeff Roe Prominent GOP strategist who directed the presidential campaign for Ted Cruz
Jim Margolis Founding Partner at GMMB. Advisor to Barack Obama in his 2008 and 2012 campaigns for the White House.
Joel Searby Senior Strategist – The Centrist Project, Former Campaign Manager – Evan McMullin for President
Joel Benenson President of CEO Benenson Strategy Group, strategist for Hillary Clinton
John Aristotle Phillips President of Aristotle
Jordi Segarra Director of Policy and Strategy of “El Equipo de Campaña”. He was part of the team of advisers of Barack Obama in 2009.
Jorge dell Oro Founder of the Organization of Political Consultants of Latin America.
Jorge Santiago Barnés Creator and Director of the postgraduate course “Máster en Asesoramiento de imagen y Consultoría Política”
Jose Aristimuño President of NOW STRATEGIES. He was the national deputy secretary of the Democratic Party during the 2016 presidential elections
José Francisco Valery Franco Senior Consultant for “El Equipo de Campaña”
José Ignacio de Moya Winner of the 2017 Napolitan Victory Award for Excellence in Public Speaking and Communication.
Jose Luis Sanchis Armelles Pioneer Consultant in Spanish. First Latino World President of the International Association of Political Consultants (IAPC). One of the founders of ALACOP
Joseph Tex Dozier Principal of JTD Strategies LLC
Juan Carlos Limón Garcia President of Bypower Group and Mexican consultant, with more victories in electoral campaigns for governors, senators, congressmen and municipal presidents.
Julian Mulvey Media Consultant for Bernie Sanders
Katie Harbath Director of Global Politics and Government at Facebook
Kellyanne Conway Campaign Manager for Donald Trump for President
Kristen Luidhardt, President of The Prosper Group, has been a leader in digital innovation in the US market for over 10 years.
Luis Costa Bonino Founder of LCB-Political Marketing and Advisor to the presidential campaign of Emmanuel Macron
Luis David Duque Adviser in communication and strategic political organization
Luis Toty Medina Founder & CEO of Poliestrategia which has made important contributions in the construction of democratic values in our country.
Lula Bueno Director of Onomu Comunicación. Responsible for digital strategy of Citizens in Spain since 2010.
Manuel Antonio Sussini Senator and vice-president of the Senate Province of Corrientes-Argentina
Marc Bousquet President of Mediatique International, France
Marie Della Mattia Special advisor to the Premier of British Columbia
Marilu Brajer Journalist and International Consultant. Vice President of the Latin American Association of Political Consultants. Director of the International Association of Political Consultants.
Mark Putnam Founder of Putnam Partners
Mark Jablonowski Partner & CTO at DSPolitical
Marko Rakar President of European Association of Political Consultants, Secretary of International Association of Political Consultants
Marlon Marshall Founding Partner of 270 Strategies and Director of the National Committee of the Democratic Party
Matt McMillan President of BuzzMaker & CEO of DSPolitical International
Mauricio Jaitt Since 1983, with the advent of Democracy in Argentina, to date is the only professional who has participated in all electoral events including some of atypical nature such as the Plebiscite by the Beagle Channel or the Constitutional Convention of 1994.
Mike DuHaime Presidential campaign strategist for Governor Chris Christie
Necati Ozkan President of OYKU Consulting Company in Istanbul
Pablo Martin Coordinator of the “Máster en Asesoramiento de Imagen y Consultoría Política” and director of the “Centro Internacional de Gobierno y Marketing Político”
Pamela Aguirre Member of the Andean Parliament. Attorney and Master in Political Consulting.
Patrick Hennessy Deputy Director of Communications for the Labor Party. Spin Doctor of London Mayor Sadiq Khan.
Paulo Moura  Chief Strategist of Exata Inteligencia and winner of the Reed Awards for four consecutive times.
Peter Greenberger Global Director of News Twitter. Launched political teams for Google & Twitter.
Rafael Carreón Founding Partner of Roldán Carreón & Asociados
Ramon Ramon Activist in Tecnopolitics, winner of several awards in favor of Free Knowledge and Communication
Robby Mook Campaign manager for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign
Ron Nielson President of NSON Opinion Strategy
Scott Goodstein Writer, Producer and Campaign Advisor fo Bernie Sanders
Sergio Jose Gutierrez President and CEO of Espora
Tad Devine Founder of Devine Mulvey Longabaugh and strategist of Al Gore, J. Kerry and Bernie Sanders
Terry Sullivan Founder of Firehouse Strategies and Campaign Director of Marco Rubio
Tom Shepard President of Tom Shepard & Associates
Uzziel Vinaro Medrano Collaborator of Legal Unit in Institute of Access to Public Information
Vadym Omelchenko Founder de The Gorshenin Group de Ukrania
Victor Lopez President and Founder Kayros Group, global firm and network with more than 100 experts in reputation, communication and public affairs management.
Viviana Arias Professional in Marketing and Advertising of Colombia. She has participated as a consultant in multiple electoral campaigns and government agencies in Colombia and Mexico.
Vladimir Ramos President and CEO of Pretorians Political Consultants. He has planned, created and executed successful campaigns in Mexico.

This year’s COMPOL 100 will receive a special certificate and a souvenir during the Napolitan Victory Awards 2017 event near Washington, D.C..